Rivalry Makes Chess Fun

Mar 19, 2008, 6:51 PM |

I have a friendly rivalry with a player on Chess.com.  He's a great guy, and he's better than me.  Objectively, he will win 3 of 4 games played against me.  That's fine with me, though.  Those are the best games - the ones you know you can win, but that you're not likely to.  So each win is extra sweet, because you know you earned it (or he blundered really bad).  But hey, it's having fun and playing the game that really counts to me.  I play in tournaments, and I play one-off games, but my matches against OckhamsRazor is what really makes the day exciting.

Okay, so the tournaments do too.

Anyway, here is the latest game we played.  Ock had me on the ropes for the entire game.  I always felt I was two moves away from losing.  Fortunately for me, Captain Blunder came to play at the end and I ended up with the point. 

Second post is a game he won, to be fair, especially since he wins 3 out of 4. :D

Captain Blunder was on my side this game, and staying alive was certainly not easy.  Thus, I didn't.

The rivalry will hopefully continue for some time, because it's really fun to go up against him.  Thanks for the games, Ock, and I only need to win 4 more to even it up!