OleChess 2014 Instructors

So far our instructors include:

GM Kaidanov

GM Yermolinsky

WGM, FI Baginskaite

FM, FT Bachler

NM Wallach

We expect to add another GM and IM soon.


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    Just received a copy of the new brochure. I really like some of the options new for 2014, especially the Evening Lecture Series. I see the lecture topics will be posted in advance on Facebook, hopefully this will include the instructor leading the lecture. Great opportunity and I hope to make the lecture with Yermo. Can't beat that Russian accent.

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    what's that?

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    http://wp.stolaf.edu/conferences/summer-camps/chess-camp/ Wonderful camp. Great instructors and beautiful location.
  • 3 years ago

    GM gmfinegold

    What is OleChess? A camp? How do I apply? :)

    Ben Finegold

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