Life in Blues

Jan 12, 2013, 4:07 PM |

Sometimes in life you feel so blue

But someone somewhere

Is not as happy as you



Somewhere , far at the border

When a soldier sleeps ;

missing his loved ones

He silently weeps.


Somewhere a mother painfully sighs

'Cause her new born baby

Didn`t let open her eyes.


Somewhere a poor father silently cries;

Where he sees his son 

Begging for a bowl of rice.


Somewhere in a orphanage ;

A little girl is sad,

When she with a heavy heart misses 

Her mom and dad.


At times when there`s a reason to smile,

You may not have any

But say to yourself ,

That you are happier than many.

'Cause "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL" , though,

It`s not always blue,

And someone somewhere

Is not as happy as you.


                                        -AKSHAY RATHORE (my BROTHER)