5 biggest blunders in chess history

5 biggest blunders in chess history

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Hello guys welcome back to my blog. You all would've blundered a piece , mate or tactic in a chess game . Well , blunders happen to anyone and even for chess masters it happens so let's see some of the biggest blunders made by greatest players . Without further ado let's get started

1. Merab Gagunashvili vs Magnus Carlsen

Yes you saw that right the world champion blundered mate in one 

2.Saemisch vs Capablanca

The move 9. Ba6 loses a piece to 10.qa4
Friedrich Saemisch was a strong German chess player who participated in some of the major tournaments in the 1920s. His opening system for white against the King’s Indian is one of the most popular
The legendary José Raul Capablanca needs no introduction.  For those who don't know.José Raúl Capablanca y Graupera was a Cuban chess player who was world chess champion from 1921 to 1927
3.Petrosian vs  Bronstein
David Bronstein was one of the best chess players in the world for several years, especially in the 1950s. He wasin the blink of becoming World Champion in 1951, when he was close to beating Botvinnik – the match finished 12-12 and Botvinnik kept the title.
Petrosian was the World Champion from 1963 to 1969. Known for being a very solid player and dominating his opponents in the positional game, Tigran must have had some hallucination in the diagram position. Otherwise how to explain what he did?
White’s queen is attacked, but that did not bother Petrosian, who played 36.Ng5??. He probably felt some discomfort after 36… Nxd6.
4.Aronian, Levon  vs. Carlsen, Magnus 
Of course, the game-ending blunder is 59. Qb+, which leaves the white queen to be devoured by the black knight. That Aronian played that move shows the extreme pressure both players had been under for almost 60 moves and the lack of time to think clearly.
5.Nakamura, Hikaru vs. Artemiev, Vladislav 
Artemiev misses the discovered attack and blunders by playing 28 …exd3??. With the black king now in check and forced to move, the white queen next captures the black queen, and the game ends soon
So here you go some of the greatest blunders from hanging a queen to hanging a mate