Reason Why endgame is important

Reason Why endgame is important

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 Why is endgame important? And why do we need to be very precise in the endgame?and why pawns and kings are much stronger in the endgame than opening and middle game. I am not telling that other phases of the game aren't important they're also important but endgame I think is more important because this is the last phase of the game and if you have a queen and king your opponent have nothing (except king) and you don't know how to checkmate with queen it's just a draw as you need to checkmate to win the game(unless they resign or run out of time.

If you get a bad position in the opening it's not necessary that you lose the game same with middlegame you can always bounce back and destroy your opponent or atleast make the game a draw but in the endgame it's different it's not possible even for grandmasters to be precise in the endgame so there's a slight chance you could find a way to get a better or atleast equal position. 

As this question is solved we can go to the next question

why is king and pawns important in endgame?

To answer that question we need to first know what's endgame.

What is endgame?

In chess,the endgame (or end game or ending) is the stage of the game when few pieces are left on the the main difference is that the king is more hard to be checkmated and thus become one of the strongest piece in the board as less pieces are there on the board and queen is not there. So it becomes dominant. And the pawns are important because it can be promoted to a queen and other pieces to deliver checkmate and it's hard to stop a pawn with a piece alone when another pawn or the king is protecting thus making king and pawns stronger.

Well, here I'm not going to end this blog because I want it to be a little more bigger so let's talk about some endgame terms and positions and some common endgame position a person must know(atleast a chess player).

Which endgame should I study ? From where should I study?

Ok now which endgame should I study? The answer depends upon which level you are at like intermediate , beginner , advanced . In the beginner level you should know the basic checkmated like king and queen vs king , king and rook vs king , king and pawn vs king and 2rooks vs king . These are the most common endgame position I think you might get but I'm not telling you to only study these . You can study other endgames if possible as well because you never know when you need it so now I'm gonna tell you about some terms in the endgame like opposition, triangulation etc


Triangulation is also called losing a tempo or losing a move. Triangulation occurs most commonly in endgames with only kings and pawns when one king can maneuver on three adjacent squares in the shape of a triangle and maintain the basic position while the opposing king only has two such squares.Triangulation is a tactic used in chess to put one's opponent in zugzwang

If you wanna then analyse with an engine to have better understanding.

In chess, opposition (or direct opposition) is the position in which two kings face each other on a rank or file , with only one square between them. ... In this situation, the player not having to move is said to "have the opposition"

As usual some amazing puzzles at the end

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