Stop early queen attacks!!

Stop early queen attacks!!

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Hello guys welcome to my blog ! Here we can see:-

  • why early queen attacks are bad?
  • Correct way to stop it 
  • And some puzzles

If you are below 1000 rating I'm pretty sure that you would've seen openings where they just bring their queen to checkmate you in the first few moves and most probably you would've tried it too .

Now let's see why these early queen attacks are bad

There are many disadvantages with this kind of opening

Mainly the one who plays this will lack development. Also your queen is gonna be a target . So you might think why is development important I can play and win in 4 moves I don't need any development. It is required because you need forces to attack and a queen alone can't defeat the whole army (unless your opponent plays bad) you need to be prepared for the attack.

Let's take a position

In this position white is down a bishop but black lacks developement if you use an engine and analyse this position you could see the engine giving advantage of +2.1 for white. Even though White's down a bishop that's the importance of development.

But there's a question remaining

is Scandinavian bad cause I said it's bad to bring out the queen?

scandinavian is not a bad opening. Why you may ask it's because in the wayward queen attack and Napolean opening. See my second point your queen can be a target . In Scandinavian it's not like that so then next question you may ask is if I don't succeed in scholars mate aka 4move mate I can go back to the same square. Well that's true but most people doesn't want to and that's one of the main reason they just lash out with pawn moves and all to remove the defender and all also what's the point of moving your queen back and forth for no reason and it just wastes 2 moves so now you think huh? It's similar as Scandinavian it also wastes 2 moves but no!! The general goal of the Scandinavian defense is to prevent white from controlling the center of the board with pawns. You are trying to not allow white to get 2 pawns in the center and dominate the opponent. So hope your doubts are cleared if not then you can ask me in chats. Thanks! So now let's go on to the next part .

  • How to properly defend the early queen attacks 

before talking about defending we need to know the threats 

And ofc the 4 move mate

So how you should defend this?
In the first position it is as follows

2nd position is similar to the first one so ya also don't play bongcloud in wayward queen attack or else your gonna get mated soon

Now going to the 3rd position:

I think I've covered most of them if I had missed out some feel free to comment down below and thanks for viewing my blog.

So now we gotta train

Next up : hard puzzle(not related to content of this blog)