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My best exchange sacrifices ever....

My best exchange sacrifices ever....

Sep 3, 2016, 6:10 AM 24

I am very proud of these game I played. It was a very interesting game for me. I was paying more attention than I usually do. I planned to post them in a blog, but I did not have time, I have time now. So I'll post them

The first game was against a Staff friend of mine ( @Kirkwood). It was my favorite Najdorf..and the sacrifice in the end was just incredible...

I was very proud of the game. But how did I find that move..?
Well, I have learnt that, before you start calculating variations, look for candidate moves.
First look for all forcing moves: checks, captures etc..
That's how I found that move!!.
Next game too, is another brilliant attacking game.
I consider myself very underrated actually. My actual strength is around 1600 .


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