Power of a passed pawn in the endgame.

Power of a passed pawn in the endgame.

Jul 16, 2016, 7:57 AM |

I have decided to post blogs about my games only. But I'll be posting some other things too .

 I have a goal to reach 1600 by September. 

"I will soon reach 1600, no one can stop me"
- KID_Harish 

Today I played a nice 30|0 game. My opponent was 100+ rating points higher than me. I don't think he played like a 1583. Cause I played another guy who was 1594, he outplayed me. 

I dropped my rating from 1486 to 1465 today morning. But after I won this game I went back to 1482

I've annonated this game, hope you like it

Here's the computer analysis:

I am not a master, so don't be too harsh with your comments .
See how the passed pawn pissed off the white's position. 
You must trade off minor pieces and keep atleast one Rook when you have a passed pawn.