Dumb dream

Jul 12, 2009, 11:26 PM |

short dream thought i tell you,        well here it goes:

One day my school was having a science fair, i saw a bottle of ketchup, i squirted it on some girl for some reason she chased me i got on a jet pack looked back she was extrasizing on a treadmill, i lost control of the jet pack and landed in a dj place flew out of there and landed in my friend, Jack's face told him,ironically,"Now this is a dream so don't count on dying." Then for some reason my jet  pack dissapeared my teacher said that i comitted a crime and my partner used the same words: mysterious   undercover destruction (great partner).i was in jail someone told me not to be next to a certain containment place   i might of been.i was in there with some girls and boys from my class including my partner,Kirsten(i don't know why).We needed to go in a steamer i was 3rd in line, when a girl named Sophie came out she was steaming,literally.no one went after her.Me,Evan and  a girl named Makenzie were pulling a thing for luggage.(i was jailed for attempting to blow up a road).We through the luggage thingy in the steamer.made some path to outside everyone in there took the path out