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7th Vs. 8th Grade Showdown- Round 2

7th Vs. 8th Grade Showdown- Round 2

May 14, 2015, 1:05 PM 0
The following exercises are for the students of KLA Chess Club, of Keiller Leadership Academy, a title I  K-8 charter public school located in San Diego, CA. Chess is offered as an everyday class for middle school students and as an after school club for primary students.

In this lesson, we will be going over some of the openings played in round 2. Remember that quick 'gambit' moves are not effective against high quality opponents and making good developing moves helps improve your chances of winning.
In each problem below, determine black's best next move and provide an explanation for doing so. 
In the game below, both players have done a pretty good job of developing their pieces. How can black continue his development?
Sometimes we play against players who are trying for a quick win. Don't be intimidated with quick Gambits as they are risky and will not work against good play. Below, white plays the second move of Qh5?? to try and disrupt black and win some easy pieces. How should black respond to this?
White just played Be3. Is now the time to trade bishops? What is black’s best move?

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