Pandolfini's Chess Challenges #1

Pandolfini's Chess Challenges #1

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The following exercises are for the students of KLA Chess Club, of Keiller Leadership Academy, a title I  K-8 charter public school located in San Diego, CA. Chess is offered as an everyday class for middle school students and as an after school club for primary students.


We will be practicing some basic end game positions. By practicing the endgame, this will help:

1. Your overall chess knowledge and realize that the King isn't useless afterall.

2. Help develop a plan during your opening and middle game; If you are up material, it is often a good strategy to keep trading off pieces  till eventually you can promote a pawn for an easy win.

The following puzzles are based upon Bruce Pandolfini's book, "Pandolfini's Chess Challenges". 

For each problem, provide a rationale (reason) why you decided to make the initial move.



Correct 1st Move: Ke3

Rationale: Ke3 protects the d3 square from black's bishop which would prevent white from advancing the pawn and promoting. Black is now unable to prevent the promotion of white's pawn to a queen. 


1. Black to move: Black wants to promote its pawn, but the bishop is threatening to prevent the pawn from promoting. How can black prevent white's bishop from defending? 

Correct 1st Move: _______________
2. White to Move: How can white put pressure on the King?
Correct 1st Move: __________
Rationale: _________________________________________________
3. How can Black win the Knight? Continue till checkmate.
Correct 1st Move: __________
Rationale: _________________________________________________
4. White to move: How can white force a Rook vs. King endgame?
Correct 1st Move: __________
Rationale: _________________________________________________