3-8 move checkmate games I saw at a tournament

Jun 12, 2016, 4:12 PM |

I was at a fairly easy tournament with many beginners practicing on the free boards, they were playing 5 minute games. The first one I saw was between what they say "The King of Chess" and the complete beginner that was rated 322.

This was a fast 7 move checkmate. "The King of Chess" declared he was now a master, since the players I was watching were are all children, they acted kind of childish, DUH. The next game was between a 129 rated player and so called "The Knight Man". You'll see why they call him the knight man. The Knight Man is 1245.
The two players seems stronger than the other two players, the 129 rated player gained up to 1146 after the tournament. This last game is played by the 129 and the player named "Pawn Giver"Β 
The 129 won easily feeling very proud of himself and screamed I won. Unfortunately the director had to take of 10 minutes from his time in his next game since he was being way too loud.Β