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Feb 15, 2016, 3:54 PM 3

There are some glitches/bug(not the insect) I have been in in the new chess.com, I played a standard game and my time got to 1 minute in like 5 minutes! Then somehow I gained to 11 minutes and my opponent checkmated me with a pawn?! What in the world! So I checked my game archive, it said I played a standard game. I checked to see if this is a glitch, so I switched to the old chess.com and checked my game archive and it said I played blitz! So I looked at my opponents profile and it said he played standard against me and I checked his profile in the new chess.com and it said he played rapid(it says rapid in the new chess.com because standard games in old chess.com are fast). Did I play rapid? Maybe, this is the reason why I think I played maybe blitz, I got to 11 minutes and dropped to 30 seconds in like 15 seconds, maybe I played a 5 minute game and 11 minutes was a glitch? But it said standard...🤔

Tell me what you think and has anyone been in this situation before?

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