How to attack part 1

How to attack part 1

Feb 16, 2016, 3:38 PM |

Β 1) Spot a weakness your opponent has that you CAN attack.

2) Bring in reinforcements to attack that weakness. The weakness can be anything.

3) Look for checks, captures, and direct threats, theses things always help your attack.

4) Your plan might not succeed but it will at least slow your opponent down.

5) If your attack didn't work out. Look for other weaknesses that your opponent left behind because of defending the weakness your were attacking.

6) Because of your pieces on one weakness or most of your pieces, then most likely you will leave behind a weakness so be careful when you attack.

As long as you learn, you will soon become a expert attacker. If you like this, please check out my part two series out at no later than February 29 2016 (it's leap year!).

Good luck on your attack!Β 🌌