How to Attack UPDATED series #2

Jun 22, 2016, 10:06 AM |

Today is testing day, if you haven't seen how to attack updated series or my how to attack series 1.0, you can still do this test.Β 

I went over the hook last time, the hook occurs when you fienncetto your bishop. This game was not as beautiful as last time's game but my points are:
When your opponent fienncetto their bishop, the bishop and knight are the main defenders since only the bishop is guarding the dark/light squares, the knight can protect any colored square so the knight is also important. If you lure the knight or bishop away/ trade them, the dark/light squares will turn weak and you can exploit it by using the undefended squares as outposts. You can exploit the g6/b6/g3/b3 pawn by pushing your a/h pawn and make a trade opening a file. Β