The Stalemate

Jun 22, 2016, 10:32 AM |

This dude was playing a game with a beginner, he already had 4 queens, 3 rooks and one more pawn, after the dude promoted, the total beginner smiled and said, "Stalemate" the dude scratched his head and became really angry, here's the game:

Then I played a game with a friend of mine, it was 1 minute and my friend stalemated me with 1.9 seconds on the clock.
This position seems impossible but I tried an experiment, I purposely put my rook inside the diamond of pawns. My friend didn't bother taking my rook and took all my pieces because one of my rooks weren't doing anything (It's in a ring of pawns). It was like me down a rook playing my 1700 rated friend.
Don't get over excited in a totally winning position. You also need to make sure it is stalemate. I saw this game where the losing opponent thought it was stale mate but forgot he could move his pawn...