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Jul 2, 2016, 4:02 PM 0

I'm not very high rated. I'm around 1600 which is 150-200 points above average. But you can't compare 1600 to 3200 like Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlson. Usually my 1 min tournaments turn out normal like there is tons of 2000's and I get last place, but this time I got lucky. I was in the OPEN 1|0 chess tournament with 1600-2000 rated players above my head. Round 1 started. I played a 1100 rated player named Crikket. He played well until he took a pawn he thought that was free, I did my tactic and won his queen for 2 minor pieces, then I took everything and checkmated him. The next game I played a FM rated 2016. I lost of course. Next round I played a 1611 named arthur51. I crushed him in the bishop and pawn endgame. two of my pawns were on the 7'th rank (I was white) His king was 7 squares away. his bishop couldn't defend both pawns. I won. My score was now 2-0-1. Then I played a 1900 named pouncingpawn, I crushed him like a fly. No kidding, I never had a disadvantage. Then I played an NM with a rating of 1870 called AngryWeasel. I drew. After winning some other easy opponents like 1300's, I made it to 3'rd. I got 7.5 points with a tie break of 27. The NM AngryWeasel had a tie break of 27.5, that's why I didn't make it to 2'nd. The FM I played in the second round got 1'st. 

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