Time Pressure

Jun 29, 2016, 4:05 PM |


I have and it's pretty annoying when you're in time pressure especially when you are ahead. One time I was up a queen but lost on time. One tip is to use pre-moves, if you don't know what pre-move is, you basically move a move that you will play next. After your opponent moves, your pre-move will play in 0.1 seconds. If you pre-moved a recapture and your opponent didn't capture your piece, then your pre-move won't play or else you will be capturing your own piece.  You can also pre-move a sequence but be careful, if you don't know where your opponent will go, then there will be a risk pre-moving a move that doesn't include a recapture. If you don't have pre-move on, you should probably go to settings an change that. One drawback is if you accidentally pre-move and your opponent moves... you will probably lose afterwards. But you can left click to delete pre-move.


You can play solid, if you have an advantage, try to keep it, you don't have to play perfectly and manly play by instinct. You can try simple tactics but don't try confusing your self. Your opponent might play confusing lines, just play your best and not lose on time. Also think when your opponent is thinking.


1) One time, I was playing a 1643, I was up a rook and was clearly gonna promote my pawn and win. But I only had 2.1 seconds while my opponent relaxed with 12.8 seconds on his clock. I managed to get my pawn to the 2'nd rank (I was black). My opponent got his king to e2 and was blocking the pawn. My king charged up with 0.6 seconds on the clock. I started pre-moving wildly. I made sure my king was protecting the rook. My opponent started pre-moving too although he still had 3.7 seconds left. I lost on time.

2) I had 12 seconds and my opponent had 45. I struggled to keep up in time but was up a queen. I started taking everything. It was when i still had 9.9 seconds left when my opponent started think for a long long time. My opponent dropped to 15 seconds. After taking everything, I started for checkmate. Then, a disconnection sent me to the lost on time screen.