A Small Story

A Small Story

Jul 29, 2015, 6:46 AM |

                Once up on a time in Ramapuram, there lived a poor couple Peramma and Perayya. Perayya used to cut firewood and sell them in the market to feed his family. But Peramma was very much greed of money and heavy wealth. She used to harass Perayya all the time to bring more and more money. Perayya smiles every time and didn’t take Peramma words seriously.

                One day when Peramma was walking in the market, she listened to the conversation of two people.

                “Hey do you know, there exist huge treasure in abandoned bungalow on the edge of the town?” one said.

                “Of course I knew. I also knew that one devil is protecting that treasure from people. If anyone goes there and try to hunt that treasure, that devil will catch them and tear them into pieces” other replied.

                After listening to those words, strong appetency started in Peramma capturing the treasure as early as possible. She told Perayya about the treasure and urged him to go to bungalow. Helpless Perayya agreed and took her to bungalow.

                As it was night, both heard the screams of bats’. Following the noise, one big shadow appeared on the wall. Perayya trembled with fear. But Peramma said like this,

                “If you want to kill, kill us. We cannot withstand this poverty anymore” she told. Then a loud voice came like this.

                “You both are looking very poor. There is a treasure inside the bungalow. Go and collect it. Keep half of it with you and give away remaining half to the other poor people like you” voice stopped and the shadow disappeared.

                Early in the morning, Perayya and Peramma went to bungalow and bought the treasure to home. Perayya told Peramma that he will bring poor people and we can give half of the treasure to them and started walking. But Peramma stopped him.

                “You are looking so innocent. Even if we do not share this treasure with poor people, this cannot be known by devil. You stay here. We are not going to share this treasure with anyone. We are leaving this town tonight” she said. Because of not able to listen swearing of Peramma and argue with her, Perayya kept silent. Both left the town late in the night and went to city.

                Both were sleeping. Around 2 am in the night, Peramma woke up because of screams of bats’. Following the screams, again shadow appeared on the wall.

                “You cheated me. You did not share treasure with poor people. You broke your promise. That’s why I am turning you into Lilliput. You will become normal only if you give away full treasure to poor people” said the shadow and disappeared. Peramma turned into Lilliput.

                Other day in the morning Perayya could not able compare Peramma. Peramma told Perayya everything about last night.

                “Please give away all the treasure to poor people and help me to become normal” she requested Perayya. Perayya became happy, went outside and bought poor people. He distributed entire money to them. Immediately Peramma became normal. From then, Peramma lived life happly with Perayya without greed of money.