Put on vacation :(

Put on vacation :(

IM Kacparov
Feb 14, 2011, 8:26 AM |

It's the 3rd time in the last 2 weeks when I was put on vacation having a lot of time left. But this time it's even worse because I was put on vacation when I had 24 hours left or more! I inserted the screenshot above of what I saw today when I logged in at 5 pm my time. When I played my last moves yesteerday at 9 pm my time, all my games had almost 2 days to move or more (except the only 1-day game where it was my opponent's move).

However, when I read my messages saying that I was put on vacation, it said that it's my move in 5 games where I played my move yesterday! :o

Here is the message:

Your Games Have Been Paused

You may have as little as 30 minutes remaining in one or more of your Online Chess games and because you are a Premium Member your account has been automatically set to "Vacation". Please login soon and continue your games!

The games which triggered this event are:


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I played my move in all my games! They were:

vs chessparrot - Qh4

vs willthepizzaking - Qh5

vs Taxi - Bd6

vs Emmaunel-57 - Qd1

vs canh9143 - Bxb4

It seems that there is a very big and annoying bug which doesn't play the moves I play, even though it says "your move has been submitted", moves me onto the next game and shows "waiting..." in the online chess games list!

I am not doing anything with my games now, but I hope it can be fixed asap! Otherwise I'll soon lose my last vacation days and I will time out before April :(