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Nov 22, 2014, 11:19 PM |

There are 8 Games found in the database with the above position, 2 winning for white, 2 draws and 4 wins for black.
Black failed to anticipate position of Rook after Queenside castle and was left holding 2 unprotected minor pieces as a result. Making matters worse, Black did not consider using the King to protect the Bishop on d6. Not being able to save Knight on b6 a few moves later, Black resigned on loss of material.
This game illustrates what can happen when an opponent fails to anticipate where the rook will be after castling. The rapid loss of pieces gave White an overwhelming advantage. Also, Black played an uncommon opening with 3...d4.
After 5. .. f6  6. Nc3  c6 the game transposed into the same position played by Krajnak Martin (2308) vs. Fraas Martin (2213), where play continued 7. Bc4 Nd7 8. a4 a5 and led to a draw:

2. C3 Anti-Sicilian

Now let's look at Wuk0ng playing black, with an anti-Sicilian opening (B028). White lost on inaccurate play, moving pieces into attacks and failure to put the pieces on their best squares: 

Inaccurate play at 6.Nbd2 blocked the bishop & limited development early in the game. A lesson to carefully consider all options for each piece and select the best square for your piece. Keep searching before if you're going to be trapping your own pieces. Consider what squares you'll need to support your positional strategy. For example, 7.Bc4 needlessly prevented Nc4 and Bishop could have done the same job from 7.Bd3.
- Is piece well supported?
- Is piece attacking?
- Did piece just open up an attack?
- Is there a better tactical position to be played?
Understanding opening theory would have told White to push the d4 pawn and attack the Knight, which soon captures the Whte Knight. Advance pawns before Knights, as in 10.d5 which would have forced Black's Knight retreat to it's original square, 10...Nb8.
10.Ne4 left white vulnerable with a hanging minor piece, with no defender in place for the Knight. And black quickly took advantage with 10...Nxe4.

Game illustrating Wukong's trade-off style:

A Beautiful Fork