Back from slumber

IM Kallatroh
Apr 1, 2011, 12:48 PM |

I am now a fide master.  Somehow I got my elo over 2300. But I still have never been able to beat a 2500 guy. Also in my last tournament I lost 26 points. Though it was not too much of a surprise because of no training. And my next tournament in Germany is closing fast Gotta get back in shape. Below a few diagrams from the the first round of my last tournament in Iceland against a 1800 rated kid. And btw I have decided to start teaching for 7 euros per hour. I got basically no experience in that field but if you got the dough pay me.





My fourth round game was pretty interesting. Opponent was a woman called Sahl Sheila Barth. Weird name huh?