New year new plans

IM Kallatroh
Dec 31, 2009, 5:25 PM |

Well I have taken quite a big vacation from my last blog post. One reason was of course laziness. Though this was reasonable because it took quite some time to post diagrams. Also I was very lazy with 3 of my correspondence games. Only in 1 game I managed to avoid losing on time.

Most of my goals were not achieved. And the sad part is I did not even try very hard. But ok new year new broken promises. No more training plans with playing games! I guess they do not really help. At least not with understanding.

Every week:

21 hours spending with rybka or robbolito.

7 problems from endgame manual

7 hours some kind of sports



Also I won't even try to post here every day. But I try to post every week though even that is not guaranteed.


Now to a 15 5 game against rybka 3 in which I had a few good winning tries. But unfortunately I missed them even though they were not really that difficult. In the end in a totally lost position I won because the computer crashed.