Worldchampion in the making

IM Kallatroh
Aug 25, 2009, 4:08 AM |

I am over 20 years old and I attempt to beat all noobs (gransmasters etc). My records are something like this:

ICC 5-minute 2370

CTS 18xx

CT standard 23xx

I won't mention bullet records cause I hope to quit that addictive bullshit. Also I have played only a few standard games so no records there either. Right now my ratings are like this:

ICC 5-minute 2080

CTS 18xx

CT standard 23xx


My goals by the end of this year:

ICC 5-minute 2400

ICC 15-minute 2200

ICC standard 2300

CT standard 2500

I have not yet tried's tactics trainer so I do not have any goals there yet.

And now my training plan for every day unless something big is going on, like a chess tournamentTongue out :

5 bullet games max!!!!

6 CT standard problems

100 problems of your own choosing

5 5-minute games

1 standard game

1 15-minute game

Analyse all your games

2 chess videos

Analyse one game from 'play the nimzo-indian'.

Feel free to correct my english if you have the energy to do it. And guess when  I will skip my training for the first time. Today might work too...