A bad colle day

Oct 11, 2013, 4:47 AM |

As the tournament goes on Im feeling a bit discontent with my games. Does wooble in the critical moments and does not take care of vital positions. This became even moore the path for me at round 3 against Albin. The game was complex from move 8 and there was a overflow of secondbest moves at booth sides. Even if I had white pieces black was able to outmanoeuvre my regular colle Z!
I didnt want a phoenix pawn structure so i went for a regular colle z wich gave me headache further on. After som bishop guerilla from black and a knight on g4 wich threathening to invade my kings position I finally got this position in my hand. Black fumbeled and did move his bishop to b7 wich seemed as a critical error.





So wat was my real problem in this game. Missed the opportunity to be aggresive instead of playing for safer path? Trying to play fast when he did have less time left and make him think moor about how to continue? Do belive that one should never stop calculate on a criticalposition when theres time for it in favour for timetactic. I did have 26 minutes to timecheck at move 40. And my opponent wasnt going anywhere with the extra time im giving him by thinking moore intensive for the Qxg4 strike. It feelt in the bone marrow as the way to go. But lets explore that just to smack my head in the loosing wall moore!
But there was just a bad colle day for me Im resting my case and strive for excellence yet another day ;)