A d6 system against English

Feb 3, 2015, 5:24 AM |

In the last round at allsvenskan division 2 group 7 I meet Kamray from Växjö II. Olands SS was underrated on every board an so was I. He opened with c4 and I feelt quit calm about going ahead in my pet system called Pryl Rat. Thoose first 5 moves booth played fast and untill move 10 only 26 minutes where consumed by us.


I was glad to meet c4 instead of d4 or e4 though my last games as black had been disasters. I went for my petline as black and hoped for an easy way out from the opening. 1.c4,d6 2.Nc3,e5 3.g3,f5 and this was clearly in my terrain 4.Bg2,Nf6 5.e3 White goes for a moore flexible setup and I needed anextra minute to figure out if this disrupts my mainidea. Its a sideline in the book and I wasnt really familliar with it. I guessed as good as any avarage player would that it works anyhow. Needed not moore than that extra minute to get down to bussiness! 5.-,Be7

I was focused on disrupting his flow as quickly as I could. But as before theres not the safest way to get onboard on the plan to equality.
6.Nge2,o-o 7.o-o,c6 as in mainline 8.d4 that was quicklier than I expected 8.-,e4 also known for me how to meet d4 when placing e5 and f5 pawn out 9.d5 his very direct and spills no time grabbing d5 square 9.-,Na6 and Im on board for the path for disrupting him at last?!
Safest and in the mindset of the book is to place the knight on c7 and keep fighting. But Im not that kind of guy when Im about to calculate the middlegames. I saw d3 as a possible square for the knight on a6.