Attack and deliver in Philidor?

Oct 28, 2015, 11:30 AM |

My last game in the autumtournament was against Benny. He's underrated and must be handled with care. The plan was to take initiative as black against him and press press and then strike. But as my form theese days is like shit, this wasnt the safest way to win. He started with e4 and my last game I went for a scandinavian game wich he avoided with e5. There where a brief fight wich I landed on top in about 20 moves or so. I thought he wasnt going as wild as last time and instead go abit slow. This could suit a phillidor/pryl-rat style of game.


I moved h6 with my last move and was going for kingside initiative like in the Black Lion style of play a kind of Phillidor opening.







Not as easy as I thought this time...but can the position be won for black? I cant find the winning moves and this is my final words about that!