Bad Veresov against my nemesis!

Dec 9, 2013, 7:58 AM |

Played with Olands SS this weekend against SS Allians.They are one of the favourites to compete for the first place at our grup in division 2.
Olands missing 3 of the 4 best ranked player was underdog and only a miracle could save the day. Only Mikael,playing on board 1 was near his opponent in rating. In board 2 to 6 we was 150 to 200 points behind. But points isnt all?! I asked the captain to play white against my nemesis Anders Larsson whom I never had won against... yet!
So me as white and a chance to win was all the motivation I neede. Sadly then to use the Veresov opening in the worst way there is. With lack of agression and with a slow developtment. Anders offered his knight at f6 for the double pawn but I didnt wanted to keep most of the pieces on board. I opted for taking care of the e4 with f3-plan. This was not only slow,it was a loosing plan in the long run.




After 4.-,Bf5 I was planning for bringing my knight at g1 into play. Played 5.e3 so I couldmove out the knight to e2 and then aiming for g3 with tempo on the bishop at f5. Of course the move also was aiming to support e4. Black developted his other knight 5.-,Nbd7. Then I went on with 6.Nge2 still confident and without worries. But complex move orders may be easily disrupted by moore simple and effective metods. How about thinking about opponents way of disrupting you? I didnt and Anders played 6.-,h6. Then 7. Bh4, Bh7 and the poison in my plan was drained!





Allmost used 30 minutes for this plan and now all was lost. Black has euqulized and is about to get grip of e5. I doesnt like my knight at e2 and is making moore of nothing in this position. Now isnt the time for complex plans but I just cant stand ground and be calmer. So I plan to shift my e2 knight to d3 and moves 8.Nc1.A bad plan that gives black all the time in the wotld to tottaly free his position with 8.-,e5! Now Im sure of getting the piece of the fish with most bones on my plate and just try to swap of pieces for safetyreason. 9.dxe5, Nxe5; 10.Nd3, Nxd3+ and finally 11.cxd3.





Maybe taking with queen on bishop would have been better but I was afraid of 11.Bxd3, Bxd3; 12.Qxd3,Qb6 but we agreed of this move to be bad after 13.Bxf6, gxf6 and then 14.o-o-o and white is a bit better moore or less. But in the heat of the moment I was unsecure of the position and only wanted to bailout with exchenging as much as possible. But after c takes d3 I can see clearly how d4 is a threath. But Anders then plays 11.-,Be7 not bad and d4 still hangs in the air! Im opting for kingssafety first now and keeps going with 12.Be2, Qd7. Not d4 I do not understand Anders and keeps on 13.o-o,o-o. Not d4 and the game isnt as bad as it was a couple moves ago. But shall I go for Qa4? No I didnt want to cause he then would have tempo with b5. So I did 14.d4 and fellt pleased but not moore than a few seconds cause Anders then found this beaty 14.-,Ng4!





Ouch! It hurts to give my bishop away but I thought that a pawn on g4 would be nice as a bait further on. I gave my next moves some time to sink in and then went for it. Briefly I wasplanning for Bf2 wich would have keept it moore solid but still black is on the upper hand after Nxf2. Lets shock the board and get down with It! 15.fxg4, Bxh4 and now I did not fall into g3 wich would have been a quick road to loosing the game. Instead 16.Rf3, Rae8; 17.Qd2 (an ugly looking way to protect the e3 pawn) 17.-,Bg5 and Anders is about to crush my defence?!






No Im not going down easy and secures e3 with 18.Nd1 and was expecting Be4 manouvers. Instead Anders focus is set at e3 as a tiger that sents blood. 18.-,Re6; 19.Rc1,Rfe8;20.Rc3 and Be4 is stillan option. Black has a monster bishop on g5 that can go beserk around the board. White is struggling and is pinned down just looking ugly! But Anders isnt going crazy and seeks to making small progress towards the crushing-time! 20.-,Bd8 and yeah the beserk is on the loose.





Seeking for moore blood by threath against rook queen. 21.a3 and then Anders quickly moves 21.-,a5 wich surprise me and I do reply rather instantly with 22.a4. Anders swiflty reroutes bishop 22.-,Be7 and keeps the threath on rook queen alive. I then desides to trade my sleeping bishop against hes,wich he didnt move for e4. Now moves where flying on board 23.Bd3,Bb4;24.Bxh7+,Kxh7;25.Qd3+ keep the queen out of the way of the rook on c3.






Not bad though I didnt making things worse anyway?! 25.-,Rg6 Isnt the best move but Anders goes to bussiness on g4. 26.Rc2,Kg8 and I do swing my other rook to the f-line 27.Rcf2 and now Anders makes a bad call on my bluff 27.-,Re7.







He should just strike 27.-,Qxg4 cause as we could find out after the game 28.Rxf7? is loosing due to 27.-,Be1! then 28.g3,Bxf2 29.Rxf2 and black have a decisive advantage. 28.Rxf7 and I offered remi instantly wich Anders agreed upon.

 The game ended 4,5 for us and 3,5 for Allians... we won due to Albins winning game. He was so lost and none did belive he could survive. Still he is a kind of alien that can win from allmost any position!!!