Be safe or go for It?

Oct 5, 2017, 4:12 AM |

As game Went on I created some intiativ on the kingsside. White was slow and wasnt sure of what to do against my setup. I had rerouted Knight from f6 to h7 and f8 and then at last to g6 from wich I had a chance to stab at Whites kingside. On the other hand white played slow and let me in this game. He rerouted his bishoppair and his next move was 21.Ng3 with plan to gofor f5. This was his plan but It was too slow. It was time to go in for some disturbing moves with 21.-,Nh4! (maybe he was expecting Nf4) 22.Bd1, Ng2+ 23.Ke2, g6 (no knight on f5) 24.Kd3?!

Last move feelt weak and I hoped for getting his king over to quensside and to launch a leathal attack. 24.-, Nf4+ 25.Bxf4 and now I took me a while to decide how to best take I took back with 25.-, exf4 Jan now wanted too redirect his knight moore active 26.Ne2 and I now moved my own knight to a square from wich I can take a stab at whites king 26.-, Nd7

From this position with the knight I felt relaxed and in driversseat. Where to go c5 or e5? Jan was in discomfort that was clear and he used a lot of his time now, only less than 2m minutes left to timecontroll at move 40. So he decided for 27.Nc3 and I quickly responded 27-,Bb4 28.Qb2,Ne5 was the way to deal with this position I thought then and even now 29.Ke2, f3+ and I relaxed cause white is lost and in big trouble. (will continue this....lost my PC so this will take some time)