Beat the dutch stonewall


I guess one of my favorite openings to meet as white is when black plays the dutch. I often gets into open war and there will be no gloves on then. I love it to the core of chess in my heart and soul.

Even high ranked player do get of their rythm when a lower ranked player goes bazookas and rush for complex game with a lot unbalanced pieces. So in my teams latest match I scouted one of the other teams player for a teammate. But in the buss he ask if it would be a better idea that I took on this game instead of him. I asked the teamleader Albin if he gave his approval. He put some pressure to me that I needed and I felt great... Oppenent was Mikhall Dolgov and he outranked me with 300 points (ELO)!

Game on 1.d4,f5 2.Nc3,Nf6 3.Bg5,d5 4.f3,e6 5.e4,Be7 6.Qd2 (instead normal is exf5),0-0 7.0-0-0,c6 and now exf5 would have been theory but this was first time for me playing this line and I decided to abort from mainline early (thats me in a nutshell).

So I felt lucky and went on with 8.e5,Nfd7 9.h4,b5 of course counterplay on quenside 10.Nh3,Nb6 kind of knightpower from booth side 11.g4,b4 black is about an inch better for each moove and I was not at all hapy about my e5 choice 12.Ne2,Nc4 13.Qd3,Ba6 I was moore afraid of a5 and after that Ba6 but maybe It would have given me time for Nf4.

Not a happy puppy but I was sure that my chances would come on kingside and blacks bishop is mine to exchange when ever I do decide to! Now we get into some hard core 14.Qb3,h6 and yeah lets do It 15.Bxe7,Qxe7 16.g5,c5 frenchlike moove and its a bit of a kick in the nuts 17.Nf4 Black consumed alot of time since move 10 and I was sure of something was going to crack soon...better him instead of so yeah Nf4 makes sence!

Black answered 17-,Nc6 and ok I know what you think white must play Ng6 and take on rook on f8.
He would then get total control on queenside and take aim on my queen or just take booth d4 and e5. So I wanted to exchenge first and then keep the option for Ng6 open to play later. 18.Bxc4?!,Bxc4 19.Qa4,Nxd4 20.Rxd4,cxd4 and now I planted my knight 21.Ng6 only to see the faulty with this plan the same time a leand back in the chair.

Black has the terrific moove Qe8 and white has nothing for the exchange on d4 cause he must exchange queens. But black was in a hurry I guess and played rather quickly 21.-,Qc7? 22.Nxf8,Rxf8 23.gxh6,gxh6 24.Rg1+,Kh7 In this position I played hasty and maybe queen controls the game better still left on a4 at least teammate Mikael thought so. 25.Qxb4,Rb8 26.Qd2,Qxe5

As far as I could se Im on top of this game and from this point I was looking for a winning endgame or for opponent to let me mate him. And I continued with 27.Qg2,Qf6 28.Nf4,e5 29.Nh5,Qf7 timing is the slice of chess and now isnt time to check on g7 instead 30.b3,Nb5 Ba6 is better though this only gives me tempo with 31.a4,Bc6 and now its time 32.Qg7+,Qxg7 33.Rxg7+,Kh8 a warm feeling spread inside of me and around the board all other players where looking. The match was 3,5-3,5 and Im last man standing. Didnt feel to much pressure and I was tottaly focused on my game.

I took a short breather and then 34.Rc7,Be8 35.Nf6,Bg6 36.h5 and this was as far as I could see the end and opponent shook his head and wasnt a happy salmon at all. But its not all finito. 36.-,Rb6 and now its my turn to feel unhappy. How should I do now? Was very tired and thought how to capture bishop and still be active and controlling the game. 37.Nxd5,Rd6 (much better would have been 37.Nd7 and take rook after Bxh5 38.Nxb6,axb6 39.Rc6) 38.hxg6,Rxd5 39.Rxa7,Rd6 40.Rh7+,Kg8 41.Rxh6,Kg7 42.Rh1,Kxg5 43.Rg1+,Kf6

And yeah I should win this with some effort though. Opponent still has pawns left and a rook to harrash me. The rest is a result of med focusing and opponent struggling with few good mooves and a clock thats running out of time!