Better safe than wild?

Feb 24, 2014, 2:02 AM |

Yesterday I played round 6 in the Swedish teamchampionship at allsvensakn Div II group 7. Our team didnt turn up to be the strongest we could put on the sheet this sunday. So I got the spot at table 1 against Nybro SS Mikael Cederblad. Last time he really shook me up and I was prepared for a long hard battle on the board. As black against a respected gambiteer who do turn the position upside down sometimes I did need all focus i could get. Opening was a constant battle for the edge from us booth. I got the upper hand due to a theory advantage as d6 player. But as It continued Mikael got moore and moore activity for his white pieces. In a critical position black went for safe insted wild. But after moving I could see that safe was wild and wild was safe!

I did my math and figure out that this was It. I got a better version of the french as black and after whites last move, Be3. Black has a keyposition and I let my self in the wonders of finding out the right path to the world of the winning game. As many times before I starts out fast on one variation and stops for another that seems even better. In my mind that variation do seems forcing white to move his pieces straight to the drainpipe to loss! But instead of keeping calm and calculating booth variation I continue with the safer one... or was it the opposite?