Club championship 2012, rond 6

Nov 29, 2012, 2:29 AM |

Late night at the chessclub this position arised after white´s 13th move. He offers me remi and I was clearly on top in the game and I had a couple of weakness to explore in white´s cheesy pawnformation. White did not move e4 early on wich would have given me a isolated pawn at e5 and trouble to develop my bishop on c8 and rook on a8.




















So why should I take this offer? Why should I hesitate to do my best to mess white up? I took the remioffer and still I cant forgive me for not trying to win the game! Had a plan but I understood that white didnt want to win but clearly was waiting for me to launch a faulty attack and counter! My plan was to go for Ng4 and threat to take at f2 wich would make him place his rook on d2... didnt get the idea to work out in my messy and tired head. At home I watched tv for an hour but was occupied with the game in my head and allmost like a thunderbolt from the sky I had things straighned out and this Is my "how I should have done it" resume :)


A nice position and I cant see any good defence for white but its easy to be hindsighted ;)