Confused in opening

Feb 5, 2014, 12:46 AM |

A swedish adage "as you make your bed you will rest" sounds in my ears today after yesterdays game. Karl did avoid his famous dutch opening and went for d5 against d4. Then I mixed it upp to much and tried for a strange Nc3 phoenix attack instead of Nd2. That small missplaced knight was too much a burdon for me and I got restless. Overreacted and went on a wild goose chase wich included trading rook for pawn and bishop. My mind was set for twoo free pawns on the queenside.

My last move was Ba4 too free b5 square for the knight and allso make it possible for the bishop to make way to b3. But in this position I didnt get my act togheter at all. I do want to push e4 and I do want to attack blacks king but theres too many moves just too get it done in time. Black allows too free his game just too easy as U will see...