Fast mate with bishop and queen!

Dec 31, 2013, 1:56 AM |

Sometimes ones opponent doesnt reflect over the outcome in an opening. That can be a terrible misstake and my teammate did just that in 2010. I got my self into a Tarzan attack in the green grass of Grunfeld´s opening theory. 1.d4, Nf6 2.Nf3, g6 3.Nc3, d5 Bf4, Bg7 4.Qd2

 This is It and at this point the game went in a flash! So is It dangerous yet? Black doesnt think so anf keep the game running like a clock. And Im going out of the book to confuse hima bit after his next move?! 4.-, h6 5.e3, g5 6. Bg3, Ne4 7.Nxe4, dxe4 8.Ne5, a6


Another pawnmove and I develops my pieces for an attack while black moves his pawns for defence purpuse only. 10.Bc4, e6 11.o-o-o, c6


My plan was now ready for execute and I begun by blowing uo the centre. 12.f3, Bxe5 13.Bxe5, f6 14.Bxb8, Rxb8 15.fxe4 



And he keeps hunting me down with his pawns. 15.-,b5 16.Qb4 (and he cant take on c4), Bd7 17.Be2(Not only saving a piece...), a5? but he didnt see that! 18.Bh5 mate!