Good defence or bad aggresion?

Jan 22, 2014, 4:13 AM |

I played black in my two last games and fell back in the land of lack of patient. Its a dark place with many bad corners and nasty alleys. My first match was allmost remi from move 5 to 27 but then opponent made a timerelated error and lost his bishop wich sealed the game in my favor.
But the next experience against Jan Henell I was up against a fast and furiously playing opponent wich defended tight and didnt made any attempt to break the deffensiv stile of his game.
We paused for coffe and I fellt frustated for not getting my attack in order. My knights moore or less gave me a headache. Where should I place them? And what about If we trade booth rooks? This Is my concern at this position...


My time at the moment was lower then opponent and I did feel some pressure. I decided to trade rook and then continue calculate for next move so one can say...I didnt have a clear plan at all!
18.-,Rxa1 19.Nxa1,Ra8 Didnt want to trade again but wanted him move knight and then his rook to a1 just to somehow get in on the d-line with rook and knight. 20.Nc2,Na6 21.Rd1,Nb4? Much better is to go for Nd7 and realize that we are even now! 22.Ra1 and we paused for some coffee and cake!

 Position where about even and I didnt feel lucky after all the hard work and sat down with the feeling that It was time to offer remi. Mayby a last effort just too try a liiiiitle moore?!



My clock was ticking down and I had less then 32 minutes for my 18 last moves before getting an half of hour moore to finish the game. Was that enough time against a welldefending opponent? I feared not and moved my rook without checking for errors... 22.-,Rd8?? Jan moved quick as a lightingbolt 23.c5 and I just blushed of shame. I will loose a piece as sure as hell smells! But how to go from here without getting into tiltmode? Can I get something out of this hellish position? I gave It some time too sink in and continued as calm as I could. 23.-,Nd7 24.Nxb4,Nxc5 25.Bxc5,Bxc5 Hmmm at least I got thoose preciuos bishops and a active game going on :)





Jan gave the position a brief look and decided to defend the pawn at f2 and at the same time got his b4 knight to safety. 26.Nd3,Bd4 A kingdom for a bind and the chance to exploit some weakness! 27.Rc1,b5 with tempo and making him taking some decision how to defend. 28.Kc2,Ra8 29.Kb1 I feelt at calmer and had things going on at a1 but missed to move my king first instead I went for... 29.-,Bxb3 And yeah he took the chance to trade another piece with. 30.Nxb5+,Kb6 31.Nxd4, exd4 So now theere where not much left of my threats amd he had me on defencive mode. I glanced at the position and where sad to see that I was tottaly lost and he moved his next piece with tempo. 32.Nc5 My countergame was busted and now its moore or less "run Forrest,run" type of play!




So where Is this going else then to the lossdrain-pipe? I gave It a last effort just to check opponents plan. Not the noble way to go maybe but moore the bullheaded way! 32.-,Bf7 33.f3 This shine some light of entanglements. 33.-,Ta3 34.Bc4,Bxc4 35.Rxc4,Kb5 And white must make some delicate decisions. Beware of drawiing back the rook to wrong square. As Rc2 will loose due too d3 and so on.






White didnt take that chanse and went for the easy way out! 36.Rxd4,Kxc5 37.Rd7 and Im feeling OK and It seems possible to make this a draw. 37.-,g5 38.Rxh7,Kd4 39.h4, gxh4 40.Rxh4, Re3 Makes it even moore probible for a draw. 41.Rf4,Re1+ 42.Kb2, Re2+ 43.Kb3, Rxg2 44.Rxf6 and I quickly made Rf2 and allmost forgot to offer draw. We booth agreed and It was over for this time making bad mooves...