How to trying hard and then hardly trying to win!

Oct 6, 2013, 3:31 AM |

Sometimes a game developed as if ya wishes for. All the hard work you give it do really turn to gold. But its as easy to turn the gold to sand and spoil the work you give it. This was what I expirienced at round 2 in the autum tournament against Anders Larsson. He´s the guy I just dying to beat since 2009. Our last four games had ended with three draw and one lousy loss. As I expected we got into an benoni type of positional chess. My opponent had tried an old benoni for the last three games as black so I was preppared. The opening was great but as we launched for the explosive middlegame he had gained some initiativ. I felt like he just wanted to get into an endgame as quick as possible. In his position he had a weak pawn on d6. I belived he wanted to improve the position so I got him to trade queens in the worse possible way for him. Maybe he didnt se loonger than to the trade and was delighted to go in for it?








 In this position Anders moved 24.-,f6 so he could recapture with that pawn and cloose the center. But he didnt predict the outcome after the next five moves by white.
25. Qxe5, fxe5 26. Rxf8+, Kxf8 27. a6, bxa6 28. Rxa6, Ke7 29. g4! I was moore than saticefied and couldnt see how he would be able to ever activate his pieces again.







 Pawn on g4 and bishop keeps the knight tight at g7. So now black tries to open up the position but I didnt let that happen. 29.-, g5 30. Ra8,h5 31. h3. hxg4, 32. hxg4, Rb7 33. c4 and theres not much in it for black.







But theres allways that small probability to an disaster when the plan isnt cristalclear. Yeah its a nasty thing to stumble when the win seems so near, but in games like this it sometimes happens that I get unsecure of the best and safest way. So how do I go from this promising position to an certain win? I got +33minutes left on the clock untill move 40 and from ther I would get another healthy half an hour in my hand. But how would I press on? I didnt get my plan straight and thought that the best would to move my king to the queenside and after that begin to harrash black position on the kingside. Lord of all stressed out chessplayer didnt let me be and began to trouble my mind. So I ran my hand for my pieces without a breather between thoose critical moves I had to do for that long desired win against Anders.







Chanses for the win is now stonecold and i do fear for the loss of the game. ow do I get things going from here? Did use time to make the best of the situation and tried hard not going "tilt".







All effort for the win wasnt meant to be this day! I had to go home and figure out how to improve my gameplan in a winning position like this. But the question is... do I get a clear shot again in an benonitype of game. Anders isnt a slick but cautious player and may prepare for some ugliness in the future :)

This time It felt like I was hardly trying to win!