Lars Svensson deli!!!

Mar 25, 2012, 3:31 AM |

Vit: Lasse Svensson SK Framåt (1976)

Svart: Ingemar Johansson Nybro SS (1785)

Sicilianskt [B40]

Allsvenskan rond 1, 25.10.2009

(author: Lasse Svensson)

Sometimes in ones life playing chess, suddenly it happens....the pieces to the puzzle fits, they fits and you feel the happiness of playing a attacking chessgame where it holds all the way untill you sacrifies the queen and mates as beatyful as a Rembrandt painting on the wall!
It was time for round one in Sweden national series at Division 2, group seven, against Nybro SS one of the most importatnt matches. Teamleader Björn placed me at board one even if I didnt match as often the last year. But by doing so he gave me the favourit colour white and that wasnt to bad at all. 
The prepperation before the game was shortly it stooped after checking out the oppositions rating and how they teamed up at their latest match. When doing so I discovered a chance to meat old correspondence "fox". He was also IM Franco Lukez old trainer.A player that I havn´t meet in a game befor but I knew that his rating now was way below what he used too have for a couple of years ago or so. His corr. En spelare som jag inte tidigare har mött men som jag visste hade varit betydligt högre upp på rankinglistorna för inte alltför många år sedan. His latest correspondence rating was clear over 2400 but in the 80`s and begining of the 90´s it was allmost as high as 2500. This was before the computer-age and that must surely prove that he got alot chess in his veins. Respect was the way to enter this game for sure and the game ought to be bouth intense and tough.

Despite a some time since I had been in the chess scene I fellt comfortable and motivated. That combined with a hunger for a good game of chess and a good night sleep was all the charge my chess batteries needed!

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Qb6 5.Nb5 Bc5 6.Be3!?

The background of this variation reaches a couple years back in time and Einar Ljungström is the man to sent my thanks for the victory. A meating in Sweden against Hultsfred in  2004 did my teammember Palle Gröning play white against Patrik Lindborg. In the game Lindborg tooke a clear victory and finished of Palle with this Db6 variation. Booth Einar and I was impressed by blacks play. Palle tried a classic line-up with 5. Nb3 följt av Nc3, Be3, Be2, 0–0, f4 etc. Black then quickly applied pressure booth on the queenside and whites e4 pawn. That game went on like cassic sicilian and black won it of course. On our way home from that game Einar analyzed the ga´me with his chess-pocket-pc and he suggested that white would do better by trying this gambit with Be3 if black choose to play out his queen early. We analyzed some of the different ideas that we came up with in this undynamic position. I checked it out at home too with the result that i became even moore confident about to try this line when the was given to me.



Bxe3 7.fxe3 Qxe3+ 8.Be2 Na6 9.Nd6+ Ke7  


9...Kf8 in 2006 I tryied this gambit for the first time at Smaland Open against Patrik Lindborgs teammate Bob Clignez. He was for sure inspired by his succesful teammate Patriks game in this line. That game continued as follewed 10.Nc3 Nf6 11.Rf1 e5 12.Nf5 (12.Rxf6! Wins quicklier when white goes in for the kill on f7, for example 12...gxf6 13.Qd5 Qg1+ 14.Bf1 Qe3+ 15.Ne2) 12...Qb6 13.Qd2 Nc5 14.Nd6 Ne6 15.Rxf6 and now its time to sacrifice quality 15…gxf6 16.Qh6+ Kg8 17.0–0–0 Nd4 18.Rxd4 Qxd4 19.Nf5 Qg1+ 20.Bd1 Qxg2 21.Ne7# 1–0 Svensson,L-Clignez,B/Smaland Open 2006.

I must add that I was given one moore chanse to play this gambit later that year against Patrik Lindborg in Team DM 2006 (15 min/player) against Hultsfred and even that time I succesfully pushed through my attack to a clear win after 30 moves.



10.Nc3 Nf6 11.Nc4 Qc5 12.e5 Nd5

 12...Ne8 may improve blacks game. But theres some issiues to bear in mind, cause for instance 13.Qd2 b5 (13...f5 14.0–0–0 Kf8 15.Rhf1 Kg8 16.Qg5 b5) but insted after 14.Ne4 Qd5 15.Qg5+ f6 16.Nxf6 gxf6 17.exf6+ Kd8 18.Ne5 black still is in deep water cause of white intention of going for Nf7+ or Bf3.






13.Ne4 Qc7 14.0–0 

White has allmost achived all of his dreams and only at the cost of one sacrified pawn. His knight dominates the board and black is far behind in developing his pieces. Further moore black hasn´t put his king at safety with rockad the bishop is locked on c8 and the rook on a8 has a trouble to make it into the game. Further moore the knight on a6 is so offside in this position that the possible defending need isn´t an option. White on the other hand has done the rockad and got his rook ready at the f-line just waiting to set in the kill! 







 14...f6 may be better in a last effort to slow down whites attack. White does anyway continue with ... 15.Qd2 Rf8 16.Ncd6 followed by c4 that secures a strong attack.









15.Qe1 b5 

15...fxe4 Doesn´t work cause 16.Qh4+ Ke8 17.Bh5+ g6 18.Bxg6+ hxg6 19.Qxh8+ Ke7 20.Qf8# Another way to achive one of thoose mates who is so cozy to enjoy.










16.Qh4+ Kf8 17.Scd6 Ne7?


The decisive error in a hopeless position. Now the end is near and unstopable. To blacks defend one might add that his knight looks like it stands ok on g6 to prevent mate htreats on f7 after Qh5 but appearances are deceptive....  






18.Qh5 Ng6 19.Rxf5+ Kg8 

Rooksacrify on f5 perhaps is the obviuse choice. The position allmost shouts out for an sacrify, but it was anyhow very plesant to go for it with. And there was alot of time left on the clock sit down and enjoy and explore a position that you know offers all kinds of outcomes that provides a win and a sure mate!  19...exf5 20.Qxf5+ Ke7 21.Qg5+ (21.Qf7+ isnt good though blacks king escapes for c7.)

21...Kd8 22.Qxg7 Qb6+ 23.Kh1 Kc7 and position is unsure. One must keep fokus all the way to the end.) 21...Ke6 (21...Kf8 22.Rf1+ Kg8 23.Qf5 Qb6+ 24.Kh1 h5 25.Qf7+ Kh7 26.Nf6+ Kh6 27.Nf5+ Kg5 28.Ne4#) 22.Rd1 Nxe5 23.Qf5+ Ke7 24.Qxe5+ Kf8 25.Qe8#






20.Rf7 Bb7 21.Qh6!


 Making moves on the board like theese is what drives one to continue moving woody pieces on that checkered board.

Right in this position something odd just appered in my mind. Pleased and still happily excited by all my chances to mate my opponent, I leaned back with a triumphant mind. I pushed down the clock with my queen on h6 just waiting for black to to stretch his hand for that handshake and congratulate me.

Suddenly I got the feeling of uncomfort. "Is this too good to be true?" and "There can be something that spoils my day!" kind of feelings?

Do he see what I just belive he is calculating on? Black can check on c5 with queen and after Kh1 he takes on c5. That would bee curtains cause if I take queen on c5 with the knight on e4 I cant mate on f6 after gxf6. What in h-ll, do it allways get so complicated

My face goes red and I feel disappointed and empty. The sweatin my forehead and the dryness inmy mouth is horrible. Is this the end of the flow and time to dig in for a new plan to win the game? Trying to keep my fokus for the position... do I lead in material on the board and how much is it after 21.-,Qc5+ does it mean a long and booring endgame after a forcefull attacking game? Trying to keep calm and controlling my galloping pulse.

My opponent was still in deep thoughts and had his forehead wrinkled. Would he discover the defence manouver? BUT wait now... a extra look on the position did calm me significantly.


21...Qc5+ doesn´t help black, cause white takes 22.Nxc5 gxh6 and then takes pawn on d7 23.Nxd7 Nxe5 (what else) and returnes to collect mate on f6 after a detour.

The end leads to triumph with the two knights with a matingpicture that deserves a chart after 24.Nf6#

My opponent sighs moore and moore in despair and then suddenly he lifted hes gaze and gave me a smile and generously let me finish with...




21... gxh6 22.Nf6#




Knight is weaker than bishops? Who said that? Vem sa förresten att springarparet skulle vara sämre en löparparet..? Redan den gamle ryske Tjigorin did say for over a hundard years ago that two knights can beat bishops . Laughing

None of theese days masters do agree Im afraid .

I do wanna say "thanks Einar"! The man who gave birth of this variant and since it saw the daylight it have given me many sweat wins.
With publishing this maybe It will impossible to enjoy it again... or will it give others a chance to harvest some wins? Who knows cause in chess everything is possible as long as the clock is ticking!?variant efter lästa publicering.