Meeting a local hero

Nov 17, 2013, 1:35 PM |

At the match in Smalanskan I expect to meet Stefan Björklund. His one of Kalmars greatest chessplayer in modern time. Though he doesnt play as many game today and his rating is under 2000 I did fear the upcomming game. Had few ideas on his opening but remember a blitzgame for about 6 years ago when we battled against each other. A queenpawn game wich he outmanouvered me early in the opening.
"But that was yesterday", as the group Foreigner preformed! Now is another piece of history and I spent some time to preppare at another try for beating a legend. But allready in move 1 as black Stefan chocked me... he did go for a Dutch opening. Mmmmm my favourite opening to meet as white. Had spent many hours to find out an aggresive responce for f5. The week before I crushed a teammate in the local tournament (see blog) in 12 moves so I head into this with a fresh mind of that victory!

Not at all bad? But not at all what I wanted! And not at all a try to bring it home for a win either...