My way or software way?

Sep 29, 2016, 2:53 PM |

Autum tournament round 1 just begun this week and I got an old opponent against me. Christer is easy too take for an easy win and I had my share of sad defeats and draws against him. So I was prepared to keeping an eye on his traps and draw attempts.

The opening was irregular and I choosed an unsound and uncharted way that payed of at once.

1.e4,d6 2.d4,Nf6 3.Nc3,c6 and now white goes for unbalanced game 4.e5,dxe5 5.dxe5,Qxd1+ 6.Nxd1  and I quickly replied 6-,Ng4?! Not a booknote but far from what Christer was expecting!

Was expecting f4 and plned to fianchetto at kingside after Bf5 and trying too keep an developtmentlead. But Christer choosed an alternative route that gave me chanses too explore my positional form at the moment.
7.Nf3,Nd7 8.Bf4 and now I for the first time in the game took me a breather and make time for a plan. Fianchetto with g6 was an alternative but after a short analyse I found a moore interesting move. 8.-,g5 white used a good amount of time and then replied 9.e6?! I was hoping for him to make that move wich would give me the darksquare bishop and an extra pawn plus control over the dark squares on kingside. 9.-,gxf4 10.exd7+,Bxd7 11.h3

Software and theory might say dont place knight at edge of the board by movint it to h6, but I found f6 bad cause I would rather make f6 and then e5 too improve control over the centre. So 11.-,Nh6 it is! 12.Bd3, 0-0-0 13.0-0?! Surprised me cause of the open g-file and I decided to keep my plan intact 13.-,f6 14. Nc3 and here on I began to play outside of first plan cause I suddenly decided to be moore defensive. Why one might wonder but at the moment some hessitating thoughts popped up in my brain and I was worried about what white might go from c3 with his knight. 14.-,Nf7?!

The right way is keep on with e5 and if white goes for Ne4 just defend the f6 pawn with Bg7. From this position I will run through the next 6 moves though I just calls them recovery moves after my Nf7 error.
And a new plan was forced upon me by white. 
15.Ne4,Rg8 16.Kh2,b6 17.Rfe1,f5 18.Ned2,e6 19.Nc4,Bg7 20.c3,Bf621.Rad1,Kc7

Im not as happy as I was expecting after the opening. White is active and the knight worries me. I keep a healthy control over lightsquares and has my darksquare bishop but what next. Will the extra pawn count for a victory in an endgame. I began to belive that this is the case and offered white some exchange oppurturnities. And in the past Christer happy as a salmon goes for that. So let the bait go in the water for that fishing for a winning endgame then! 22.Bc2,Bc8 23.Nce5 and I calculated a moment in wich order I should go on 23.-,Nxe5 24.Nxe5,Bxe5 25.Rxe5,Rxd1+ 26.Bxd1,Rd8 

I believed this is winning technical but I didnt want to give white any room for counterplay behind my lines and I was hoping for keeping my rook on board as long as possible. 27.Bb3 a moove that got me thinking about striking emidiate at d2 and snipe f2-b2 pawns. After some thinking about that I decided to avoid any possibilities for white to swap off e6-pawn and after that exchange our bishops whit 27.-,Rd2, Re1 28.Rxf2, Bxe6,Bxe6 29.Rxe6.  Better safe this time and keep a cool head 27.-,Kd6 28.Re2,Ke7 29.Bc2,Kf6 30.a4?

Last moves was an error and f3 would have caused me moore problem. 30.-,Ba6 and though white didnt move f3 theres no room for rook on f2. 31.Re1,Re2 32.Bb3 and again a Christer threaths to hit at my center. Now I saw a move Im extra proud over 32.-,Be2 and white has nowhere to go whit allmost any of his pieces. To play on in such a position Is hoping for a miracle for white.

Christer isnt a runner and was truly hoping for that miracle. 33.Rb1,c5 and no I does not take on f2 this isnt my plan. Im going for queensidecrush! 34.Ba2,c4 35.Kg1,Bd3 and the end is unavoidable. 

Give up wasnt an option for white yet and he played 36.Ra1,Rxb2 37.g4 pure desperation 37.-,fxg4 38.hxg4,Kg5 39.f3,Kh4 40.Kh1,Kg3



A god start in the tournament and afterwards I gave this game a short analysis with software and yeah I can agre that opening and part of midgame was terrible but my way paid of cause we R only humans and not software...