Need for ideas not speed

Mar 19, 2014, 4:02 AM |

Well the sum of all fear for a chessplayer maybe is the lack of ideas in ones game? Maybe its hundred other things to, but a fresh set of ideas helps out for me in many of my games!
Last sunday we finsihed the seasson 2013/2014 at Allsvenskan Div II. A slim chanse for advance seemed after an half hour of playing like nothing at all! Allmost on every board our team was on their heels.
My own game was to no inspiration at all and on my left side there was not much to hope for. On my right side just about even with som issiues to solve for my teammate.
Having some thought about to enter new land of theory I lay my hand on a book by Burgess and flipped some pages. Its a book full of ideas and a hint for how to solve positions rather than a book of long thoery moves to keep in mind. Suits me I thought and went for it...

The need for ideas isnt the same as neeed for speed ideas. One should explore them first and see how the outcome may fall out?! Huhh but I didnt and the need for ideas was greater then need for caution. So after only four moves I found the game into the less covered text in the book and I missed completly in move 5!


1.d4,d5 2.Nf3,Nc6 3.Bf4,Bf5 4.c4,e6 And Burghes then suggest to strike at center (5.cxd5,exd5 6.Nc3,Bd6 7.Nxd5,Be4 8.Nc3,Bxf3 9.Bxd6,Qxd6 10.gxf3,Qxd4 11.Qb3 +=) but I didnt.

 Insteed I went for uncharted terrain wich was full of marshy paths.






Im OK now afterwards due to the threaths white has. In the analys room after the game Mikael Nilsson showed us a key move for black that we booth missed.
After 10.-,Qd5 11.b3white can go for...