On the right path to win!?

Aug 2, 2014, 7:14 AM |

At Swedish hampionship this year I struggled with my game. Did not feel confident at all even when I had a clear advantage. So instead of taking time and making a plan that for sure would have given me an winning position I went for making things simple.






White now played 53.Re2 and my time was in a god shape and I had calculated enough...thought so just then! 53.-,Rg3+ of course and the game went on with 54.Kh2,Rg5 55.Ra2,Rxh5+ 56.Kg2,Nf5!  And as far as I could see my plan was tight as hell untill now. So just keep on now and dont let the bishop out would have done the job?!





White cant grab the pawn on a7 cause of the knight on f5. So I was a pawn up and no trouble at all to see the win. White continued 57.Ra1,Ne3+ 58.Kg1,Rg5+ 59.Kh1,Re5 60.c4?! and I was completly surprised of whites plan to bust the position up even if he looses a pawn. Now It went from clear to unclear for me. Should, would and could making a new plan but rushed ahead into a position I didnt like at all.




All of the moves feels god and then I should be careful...theres not allways gold that shines in the chessmine! I was tired of keeping an eye of the bishop and went for...60-,dxc4 61.bxc4,Nxd1?! ( d4 works god, bxc4 allso works fine) 62.Rxd1 and still this is a winning position but at this Swedish Championship I just lost the flow and started to bust up my game untill I gave up and let it go for a draw...