There where blood in round 3

Aug 13, 2014, 11:16 AM |

Swedish championship class II was a dissapointment over 7 games but at least a blind chicken can find a sead!? At round three I was pumped up for points after a disapointed round two. My opponent Peter Karlsson from SS Allians didnt play aggressive enough to deflect aggression from blacks pieces.



In this position I didnt find it difficult to launch my next move and white is crumbling apart! But sometimes its a danger to think that allmost any move will win easy so I took another breather to find out a safe plan for mate.

Peter didnt want to be mated wich occours after whites next move and I felt like king on the mountain. The week had so far been up and down  so I hoped for moore ups but that didnt happen this time. But this game gives me good vibrations even now a month later!