Aggressive openings for White

Aggressive openings for White

Mar 31, 2017, 7:10 PM |

These are what I believe are five of the most aggressive openings for white. 

5. Italian Game

The Italian game is a common opening for beginners and can be a great opening for more advanced players. This opening allows you to take control of the center of the board and open up your kingside for castling. There can be many different moves after Bd4. 

4. Scotch Gambit

The scotch gambit is an excellent opening for those who like to open up most of their pieces early in the game. This opening not only controls the center but also allows you to out pressure on h7 as the knight is putting pressure along with the possibility of breaking out your bishop and queen. 

3. Danish Gambit

The Danish Gambit is an amazing powerful opening that if played into can make your opponent in serious trouble. It starts off sacrificing pawn after pawn making your opponent think that they have an easy game but at the end when the smoke is cleared, your pieces are ready and developed and they are in a corner. 

2. Four knights Game (Halloween Gambit)(Highly recommended for under 1000 rated)

The Halloween gambit was one of my personal favorites as you trick your opponent in your favor. By sacrificing the knight making your opponent believe you don't know what you are doing, you end up chasing his knights across the board and eventually gain an advantage. However, this gambit is very risky as you can either win the opening or close the opening. 

1. Kings Gambit(recommended for 1000+ rated players)

This is a very powerful opening that is brutal when played into. It is perfect for players looking for an aggressive start and has hundreds of various ways you can use it. 


 Leave a comment on which openings you think are the best aggressive, for a more detailed explanation of the openings individually check out my other posts.