The halloween Gambit explained

The halloween Gambit explained

Apr 1, 2017, 10:08 AM |

The Halloween gambit is a very tricky Gambit and follows the phrase 'Trick or Treat". It is a variation of the four knights game and if played into can be a very brutal start for black. 

The opening

This is the four knights game now here is where the Halloween Gambit comes into play

WHAT! why would white make that move sacrificing a knight for a pesky pawn? Your opponent will smirk as they had just won an advantage and think this will be an easy game but they are in for a surprise. 
Black takes the free knight but watch how white counters
By doing this they gain control of the center and chase the knight away. This can go two ways. 
Below is a game that was played in a high school division championship
Halloween can also be played from Black side as well. 
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