A New spin on a classic game - Another Simul! - CLOSED

A New spin on a classic game - Another Simul! - CLOSED

NM Kanthecarowin
Aug 6, 2015, 7:17 PM |

Hello All,

I am pleased to inform that due to all of the appreciative comments regarding my previous two simultaneous exhibitions as well as my analysis blogs that I will now be combining both into one. Huh? Well, what I mean is that I will have a live coverage of a simultaneous exhibition on my Livestream page as well as an analysis session of appx 20 minutes following the conclusion of the event- ( https://livestream.com/accounts/14602345/events/4250505 )

Anyone is welcome to view the stream as well as participate in the event

When?: Saturday August 8th -- 10 AM EST

Where?: Chess.com Live servers (where else would you play chess??)

Who?: The first 20 people that sign up - The first 6 people to register get to choose their color (against the others, I will get the white pieces)

Why?: Because I feel that it is a good way for both me and the participants to improve at chess

How?: Steps to play


1. Sign up by saying "I want to play" in the comments box below

2. Send Kanthecarowin a friend request on chess.com

3. Log into Live Chess 5-10 minutes before the start of the simul (~9:50 AM EST)

4. Challenge Kanthecarowin from your friends list with a challenge issued with ---- 45 minutes and 30 second increment, UNRATED, and in the box "I Play" choose white if you are in the first 6 to sign up and choose black if you are players 7-....20

5. Have fun and good luck


Please sign up in the comments below and make sure to tune into the live coverage even if you are not playing







1. Ubermensch1952

2. Rkd1

3. 16_Thebestnumber_Pak

4. Klink905

5. Exacton_shift

6. Eragonshadeslayer03


7. Roninreturns

8. Shieldoffaith13

9. Campana1

10. Ocsed1

11. TheenglishMuon

12. Boogalicious

13. Not-here-to-play

14. Chessplayersuper

15. Mmalberg

16. Oddskill

17. AnnaEA

18. Jdcannon

19. Graber7

20. Pablo1644