Banter Blitz #1

Banter Blitz #1

NM Kanthecarowin

Hi All,

Click on the video below to watch me (NM Kanthecarowin) play blitz against a 2190 player in the Nimzo Indian Defense

Sometime soon I will have a day where I will have banter blitz going on live for maybe 1-2 hours where I will accept all challenges and do live commentary on the games (most likely 5 minutes)

I am still working out how to get the video to view properly without covering the screen so bear with me; In this video white's queenside is not visible but I will change that ASAP in my upcoming videos
Also, I'll start play 5 0 or 3 2 to stop the major time scrambles



Atulya Vaidya

Stay tuned for more Banter Blitz!

Please comment any problems with the video or any suggestions for improvements