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Chess Analysis

Chess Analysis

Jul 5, 2015, 9:34 PM 0

Hey Chess.com Users,

Join the group -> Master Chess analysis (Link Below)


for free chess analysis of games by a National Master... Any game posted in the group or sent as a message to NM Kanthecarowin will be analysed and posted in an article the following Tuesday - Starting July 7th!

Also, I will post a weekly article (tentatively wednesdays) regarding suprise lines in main openings (moves that you can use to trick opponents in theoretical lines) - the opening will be  chosen by the majority of the Comments below (so please comment which opening you would like to see discussed)

Any game, no matter the rating or time control will be analysed in my weekly blogs (with a maximum of 4 games per account)

Thanks for your time and I hope to help you advance in your chess careers,


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