Conclusion of free Simul with a titled player

Conclusion of free Simul with a titled player

NM Kanthecarowin
Jul 18, 2015, 9:19 AM |

Hi all,

A big thank you to all the players that participated in the simul (12 players played - the other players who signed up had technical difficulties- or missed the start time- and were unable to play)

The final results were 11 wins 1 loss 0 draws

It was a great learning experience for me (and, I hope, for the participants as well) as the largest simul that I had hosted prior to this only had 7 people

All of the players played great, and I really had to earn my points as opposed to getting them for free

The analysis of the games will replace my usual weekly blog post (thanks to those who have sent me games but I will post them on next week's blog, sorry for the inconvenience) on TUESDAY

I will host another one later, so please stay tuned as I had many people that wanted to play but were unable to (remember: all players are welcome, regardless of strength or ability)

Lastly, join my group -> Masterchessanalysis to get notifications on any simuls or team events. Also, after you join the group, please message me (Kanthecarowin) on with any game that you want me to analyze and put in my weekly analysis blog on Tuesdays

Thanks to all that participated and I hope you had a great time (and learned something of course)

NM Kanthecarowin