Greatest Combinations of all time Part 2 (VIDEO)

Greatest Combinations of all time Part 2 (VIDEO)

NM Kanthecarowin
Aug 7, 2015, 10:04 AM |

Hello All,

This is the second part of my video series called "The Greatest Chess Combinations of all time" where I will cover some of the finest tactics from history from the games of the top players in the world

The video embedded below is over the game Tartakower - Schlechter which is a game that the majority of players have not heard of or watched (This is the goal of my series, to bring instructive games that are not as popular to the audience -you all-)

Please comment any games that you think should make the cut (i will check the comments regularly to see any suggestions) and any suggestions or problems with my analysis or the video overall

Hope you like it and keep coming back to view the other parts (I have had these for quite a while now as I use them to help teach and will post them on youtube periodically ---- I have already posted 2 and will post the others soon :) )

Best Wishes



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