Master Chess Analysis 1st Session

Master Chess Analysis 1st Session

NM Kanthecarowin
Jul 11, 2015, 9:13 AM |

Hello All,

I was unable to obtain Internet connection for the past few days so I am writing this post later than I will next week.

I will be writing a weekly report every tuesday where I analyse games of Users who send in their games as a message to KantheCaroWin (or post in the group Master Chess Analysis ->

This week I only recieved one game :( so I will include one of my own games as well

Thanks to Knight_Of_The_King for submitting his game and I hope for more games next week - keep in mind rating and quality of the game are NOT IMPORTANT and any player can send their games in for free analysis from a titled player

Now, let's begin

The game referenced is Sokolsky vs Kotov -- Leningrad (1938) 1-0

Since there was only one game that was sent to me, I have decided to attach one of my own games against a FIDE Candidate Master (will remain anonymous)

Black is one move away from queening his pawn, and both players have less than 5 minutes on the clock - do you have what it takes to finish this Candidate master off?

I hope to recieve more game before my next analysis session on Tuesday July 14th
In the comments below can you please suggest any topics you would like me to write about in addition to the weekly analysis
Thanks a lot guys,
NM KanTheCaroWin